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Below are fun puzzles that you can download and do with your parents. When you finish send us a clear picture and email it to

We will mention you on the show and you may be eligible for a prize

(please ask your parents for permission first)

Hidden Bible Books (Medium)

Can you Find all 30 Bible books in this page? (Download)

10 Commandments (Easy)

A word search to test your ability to search the Bible.

Regroup the Letters (Hard)

Can you regroup the letters to form well-known Bible verses?


Match the Bible Couple

Colour Dan's World

What colour should Pastor Dan's Church Be? 

Old Testament

Bible Trivia

Get your Bible out and do your best answering these questions.

Calculate This! (Medium)

Find a new use for your old style calculator with this fun puzzle

Name their Mom's

We know the names but do we remember who their Moms are?

Play Sheep Stack


Coming Real soon


Coming sooner


Coming sooner than you think!


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