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For this challenge you need and old style calculator where the numbers look like blocks

(example 1234567890)



First read the short Bible story. Then Read each instruction carefully. Once you get your final answer turn your calculator UPSIDE DOWN to spell the word - that is the answer.


For example lets say you multiplied 167.5 times 2. The answer is 335. If you turn that upside down it looks like the word "SEE"!


Bible Story

Abraham was 100 years old when the Lord told him that his wife Sarah was going to have a baby. He laughed (Genesis 17:15-19). Sarah was 90 years old when she overheard three messengers of the Lord tell her husband that she would give birth to a son. She laughed too (Genesis 18:1-16). But Sarah did get pregnant and gave birth to her only child, Isaac (Genesis 21:1-7; the name Isaac means "he laughs").

Get Calculating!

Multiply the age of Sarah by the number of letters in "laughter". Multiply the result by a three-digit number beginning with the number of letters in Sarah followed by 23 for the chapter in Genesis that relates the death of Sarah. Add chapter 17, add chapter 18, and add chapter 21, to find out what the servants and relatives of Sarah and Abraham must of done when they saw the aged Sarah was pregnant.

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